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Car Alarm Review Of Pager And Tracker Systems

By Andrew Jocelyn

Car alarm review of pager and tracker security systems available in the UK.

Two types of car pager alarm reviewed are; radio controlled key fob and SMS text message sent to your mobile phone, reviews of alarm car tracker systems include; Thatcham and non Thatcham.

To start our car alarm review we look at car pager alarms designed to let you know if your car has been broken into or stolen even if you are too far away to hear the siren, in brief a radio pager will transmit a warning radio signal to a key fob and an SMS pager alarm will send you a text message to your mobile phone. A radio signal car pager alarm will usually have a range of at least 1 mile and can work up to 3 miles depending on the local terrain, a basic system will have an audible bleep but you can get key fobs with mini LCD displays where icons tell you which sensor or zone has been triggered. Radio car pager alarms are available as a complete package or you can connect an output from an existing car security alarm to a radio page accessory. SMS text message car pager alarms have no range limit except where there is no mobile phone signal and can function interactively letting you can send a text message command to the car to immobilise the engine as soon as it pauses at a junction or lock doors, close windows, switch on the siren and hazards and even operate a smoke box.

All in one car pager alarm security system are available as a Thatcham alarm or non Thatcham alarm with a radio or SMS pager. The 480vx viper car alarm is a category 1 integrated radio car pager alarm with a 19 icon keyfob or you can opt for the Sempal interactive SMS pager and GPS alarm car tracker system that lets you immobiliser your vehicle and more via your mobile phone. Non Thatcham integrated pager car security alarms like the Spalsat are usually triggered by a motion sensor but you can use a trigger signal output from any Thatcham alarm. A car pager alarm accessory such as the Clifford Call Guard will have an input connection which connects to an alarm output so when an alarm is triggered a signal is sent to the pager to transmit a radio signal or dial up and send an text message, all SMS text message pager car security alarms require a SIM card which can be pay as you go which keeps costs down.

Spalsat is one of one of the most sophisticated car alarm tracker that uses GPS and GSM mobile phone network with no yearly connection fee. If your car is broken into or stolen the alarm will send you a text message and exact GPS location details can also be received by text which can then be entered into a computer to display a map and used to inform the Police. From you mobile phone you can control the car and send commands to; immobilise the engine when the car is not moving, lock doors and close windows, switch on the siren, hazards, indictors, lights and a smoke box if fitted.

For an alarm car tracker system that is insured approved you can choose between a Thatcham Q class GPS tracking system or a category 5 GPS tracking system. A Q class car alarm tracker is one that has been tested by Thatcham and awarded a quality pass mark. A cat 5 car alarm tracker has to have the following features; vehicle location system, remote immobilisation and signalling system. Some car alarm tracker systems are used by the Police to recover stolen vehicles without you having to inform them of the cars location, the Police can login on a PC and view a map. On a more basic system you would have to look on your PC and phone the Police, choose a system that allows the car to be immobiliser via text message first so that the car is stationary when you call them. 24 hour monitoring from a manned control centre is available for car alarm tracker systems, you will get a phone call or text but to save on annual fees you can opt for an automated system which automatically sends an SMS text message to you. Most car alarm tracker system have extended coverage into Europe and the rest of the world which is very useful as some cars are stolen for export.

About the Author: Andrew Jocelyn from the UK has been involved in car alarm installation since 1998 dealing with many types of car alarm system from a simple alarm to a Thatcham insurance approved alarm with GPS tracking system allowing full control of your vehicle via a mobile phone. For more free advice please visit


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Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to take my recently purchased 2005 Toyota Prius to the dealership for an oil change?
    I bought my car in Los Angeles and later, drove it to Austin, TX. I had to get an oil change in Tucson and did not go to a Toyota dealer. The service engine light is still on, despite having reset my oil change maintenance icon. Are they the only people with the ability to turn off that light? (I purchased the car used and it did not come with an owner’s manual.) I have to get my car inspected and am afraid it will not pass as long as that light is on.

    • ANSWER:
      no i use to work at a side garage and had the same car come in there. its simple to reset it
      1. Turn the power switch IG-ON and make sure that the ODO/TRIP meter is displaying the odometer.
      2. Turn the power switch OFF.
      3. While pushing the ODO button, turn the power switch IG-ON.
      4. The reminder light will flash until the reset is completed.
      5. The reset is complete when the reminder light turns OFF. Release the ODO button.
      6. After the reset, the ODO/TRIP meter displays as a set of zeros for 1 second, then displays your normal odometer mileage.

    Air conditioning problem with a honda car?
    Hi, I have a honda accord 1995 sedan family car and my air conditioner has been playing up a lot throughout the last couple of months. At first it started turning itself off and on randomly throughout a trip and I’ve went to a car maintenance place but they said there’s nothing wrong with the air conditioner. Sometimes after driving for a while the air conditioner can be switched on and it doesn’t turn itself off until the end of the trip. As time progresses, the icon and the display started to fade off and I couldn’t see if the air conditioner was turned on or off. At the moment it doesn’t even turn on at all! Can anyone help me with this problem? I would be much appreciated thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      sounds more like an electrical could be the HVAC control unit. The solder on the pcb is probably getting old and starting to crack, thats all that I can think of from what I am hearing.

    No sounds, noises or clicks when trying to start car 95 mercury sable?
    So I just bought this 95 mercury sable at an impound for a couple hundred bucks. The car has all sorts of maintenance receipts and even new tires so I am puzzled that it won’t start.

    So far I’ve replaced the battery, put some gas, checked fuses, tapped on the starter and even pushed the car back and forth to make sure that the transmission is engaged in the correct gear but nothing happens. The original battery sort of had a charge and then charged it some more and I am guessing it drained from so many attempts.

    anyways, I am not getting any major sounds when I try to start the car, all the dashboard icons light up but that’s about it. No clicks, no nothing. A coworker says that if it clicked it would be the battery but if nothing happens the starter is not turning over.

    However, a buddy says the opposite, that if the ignition made clicking noises then it would be a bad starter so he is thinking it may be something else, fuel line, etc, cap rotor…

    any suggestions welcome!

    • ANSWER:
      Have you tried your neutral switch?

    Scheduled maintenance for my 07″ Jetta … @ dealership?
    Everything from oil changes to scheduled maintenance is so overpriced at the dealership. Is it really worth it? Is there a valid reason why it’s more expensive? Does anyone know why the the little wrench icon is still coming on even though the car is being properly serviced just not at the dealership. Are they the only one’s with the ability to turn it off?

    • ANSWER:
      yes let vw do it that way if you have any engine problems they cant say they didnt service the car

    MAKE THE BEST ANALOGY: What is the Honda Accord of laptops? (a question to have fun with)?
    Of course I understand that everybody must shop for a laptop according to their specific needs, but this question is for fun, so don’t get to hung up on that.

    Try to answer each question with both a brand name and a specific model (or at least a series-line) of laptop

    1) What is the Toyota Corolla of laptops?
    the one true no-brainer GOOD BUY when you just need a good, small easy to drive, easy to maintain, economical, all-around car to go from Point A to Point B for not too much money

    2) What is the Honda Accord of laptops?
    Ok now you want zippier performance, more attention to driving and handling, slimmer/sexier design, but STILL an easy-to-live-with, very-lo-and-easy-maintenance, daily-driver at a very competitive price

    3) What is the Mercedes S-class of laptops?
    Money is no matter, you want the BEST-BUILT car, not necessarily the fastest, or the sexiest, or the softest-ride, but a really classy automobile built to the highest standards of quality and engineering.

    4) What is the Volvo Station Wagon of laptops?
    when a Toyota just isn’t enough, and a Mercedes is too much, and you know, what if your’re in an accident?

    5) What is the Chevrolet Corvette of Laptops?
    An all-American Icon with maximum performance per dollar ratio (Whoa — is there even one widely available laptop made in America??)

    6) What is the Ferrarri FXX of Laptops? money no object, must be the fastest, sexiest, the real head-turner (and also the most likely to be stolen!?!)

    7) What is the Yugo of laptops? the worst lemon of all times, the epitome of bad shopping, a source of enless frustration (and humor no doubt!)

    8) What is the Pontiac Aztek of laptops?
    the goofiest, what-in-the-heck-is-it, what-were-they-thinking mutant

    feel free to add your own Q & A so your car/laptop doesn’t get left out

    • ANSWER:
      1) Acer
      2) Samsung
      3) Sony
      4) Toshiba
      5) Dell
      6) Alienware
      7) Asus
      8) MSI

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